Our Values

At Busy Kids we believe that every child is unique and has the right to be treated with respect, love and kindness and has the right to be heard and listened to.

Our staff give continuous, consistent loving care to all children and give recognition to effort before achievement. We encourage children to play in every way both alone and with other children.

We aim to provide the highest quality childcare in a safe, fun family focused environment and look forward to watching each child’s growth and development.

We give reassurance to parents that each child is safe and secure and receives all the love and care they deserve to meet all their emotionally, psychological and physically needs.

Busy Kids Aim is To send happy children and parents home at the end of each day


Busy Kids Core Values

  • Warmth – At Busy Kids we greet children and parents/guardians with a smile and
    a friendly face, creating a happy place where safety and trust are
    paramount .
  • Empathy – We work together with parents and families respecting
    confidentiality, diversity, values, unique characteristics and individual
    children’s needs.
  • Empowerment – At Busy Kids we nurture, respect, value & support each child. We
    strive to enable all children to become creative and imaginative.
    We encourage them to play an active role in their learning and
    development with the support and guidance of our staff.
  • Energy – Staff observe children daily and together develop the emerging
    curriculum which challenges and promotes every child’s
    development. This ensures all children develop as thinkers,
    effective communicators and autonomous learners.
  • Teamwork – All staff demonstrate reliability & flexibility. They communicate
    effectively with the children, their parents & each other. They
    participate in their varying roles with enthusiasm & help & support
    each other to provide the best possible service to the children in their