Cure The Boredom

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020 // BusyKids // Posted in Uncategorized

Some helpful Activities: Click on the links for more information

  1. Facetime / Skype or Whatsapp call your loved ones especially their grandparents
  2. Go for a walk or a cycle
  3. Go on a hike, just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we have to stay inside or local – click here to find a trail
  4. Go on a scavenger hunt (easy) (medium) (hard)
  5. Fly a kite or a drone
  6. Crime Prevention Get them to write down serial numbers and photograph electrical items, garden tools, game consoles, bicycles etc and update your home insurance
  7. Go on a drive 
  8. Have a picnic
  9. Dance
  10. Exercise with videos from YouTube 
    1. Jamie’s Warm Up Exercises
  11. Weeding the garden
  12. Wash the Car
  13. Clean out the cupboards
  14. Play hopscotch 
  15. Bottle Flip
  16. Depending on their age, they could write a story – give them a topic to write a short story
  17. Play dress up
  18. Have a fashion show
  19. Have a picnic
  20. Paint
  21. Board Games
  22. Look and sort old pictures
  23. Make a time capsule – I think we can all agreed we will remember this St Patrick’s Day 🙂
  24. Bingo
  25. Play Go Fish or teach them a new card game
  26. Find toys to donate / sort toys
  27. Search
  28. Arts n Crafts
    1. Make a superhero
    2. Make Foil Jewelry
    3. Make Paper Airplanes
    4. Self portrait
    5. Make sock puppets
    6. Make a fortune teller / chatterbox (paper folding game)
    7. Make Paper Lanterns
    8. Make Slime 
    9. Search Youtube for loads of great ideas
    10. Search Pinterest for loads of great ideas
  29. Bake Something- hav loads of ideas for baking with kids including:
    1. Rice Kripsie
    2. Cookies
    3. Scones
    4. Pancakes
    5. Crumble
    6. Rocky Road
    7. Banana bread
    8. Breakfast Bars
    9. Butterfly buns
    10. Carrot Cake