Photos from Busy Kids Creche’s post

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017 // BusyKids // Posted in
Photos from Busy Kids Creche’s post

At all our Busy Kids Créches we follow the HSE guidelines when planning Meals and Snacks. 🍐🍇🥝 We use the Food Pyramid to ensure that they receive the recommended number of servings from all food groups each day and that suitable portion sizes are offered.

You can see 1 week of our menu for one of our Busy Kids – we are currently reviewing our Menus for our yummy Winter menus. ❄️

Remember, food is a wonderful source of learning for children, Use mealtimes and snacks to give children the opportunity to explore new foods. The use of different colours, tastes and textures makes mealtimes exciting for children. It also allows for a variety of food related activities to be introduced. This can lay the foundations of simple health promoting links between food and health at an early age.