After School

At Busy Kids we offer before and after school care in all our locations. We have dedicated bus services to drop children to school and to pick them up when school is finished. All our buses are fully equipped with seat belts and at least one Busy Kids staff member on board at all times.

If you child is being dropped to School by Busy Kids we can provide a breakfast to ensure your child’s full concentration on their busy day in school. On arriving back to Busy Kids from school, all our afterschoolers receive a hot nutritious meal and will have time to unwind and receive help and supervision with their home work.

Once home work is completed play and having fun and making friends is the priority. Children play freely and also take part in organised play, we also play outside every day and can take part in extra curricular activities if parents wish. At all times children are supervised by Busy Kids staff and fun and games are seen as an important part of each afterschoolers day.

We can also take afterschoolers during their school holidays and ensure their days are filled with activities such as cookery, art n crafts, lego club, reading club and many more depending on the interests in the class.

Speak with our Childcare managers if you would like to see if we collect and drop to your child’s school.