Every Mum and Dad has concerns when leaving their baby for the first time with someone new. This is a big decision and there will naturally be questions. Will they be ok? Will they be cared for? Will they get a cuddle? Who will pick them up if they cry.

At Busy Kids we make ever effort to tick all these boxes and more. While our loving and attentive teams in our baby rooms won’t replace mum and dad our Key Carers will make every effort to learn all about your child’s routine, likes and dislikes.

Through the settling in period both parents and baby will become familiar with the Key Carer that will be caring for their baby and view at first hand the loving and caring relationship that develops. Parents will develop a relationship with our Baby Room Teams and each day these teams will share with parents their baby’s development and report on learning and new experiences that have occurred throughout that day. From sitting or crawling to walking, new words, smiles or reactions to their surroundings this will all be shared with parents.

Each day parents will also receive a written account on their baby as well as being able to view a more detailed diary which is kept in our facility.

Busy Kids have a separate sleep rooms with viewing panels for constant observation.

At Busy Kids a bright, colourful and spacious play room with a wide range of toys and sensory equipment promotes babies development and growth.