Each stage of child development requires a setting where they are exposed to new learning and experiences. Busy Kids offer Toddlers advanced learning and experiences preparing them for the next stage in their development. Our toddler room provides an exciting and challenging environment for your child’s mind and a quiet corner is also provided where the children can relax and unwind. The room is designed so that he/she can choose from a variety of activities such as role play, art and crafts, dress up, books and imaginative play. Your child will also participate in simple games which introduce the concepts of sharing and turn taking and all children are encouraged to get involved in group activities. They will also have the opportunity to use our outdoor play area.

At such early stages children’s personalities will develop along with their natural love of exploring and thinking; our teams concentrate on children’s toilet training and development of eating skills; play out side each day is encouraged and helping children make new friends and learn how to share with each other.

Each day will bring some new experience with encouragement and care from or dedicated and loving teams we know Parents will have peace of mind knowing that their child is being cared for in a safe and stimulating environment.