Sun Safety at Busy Kids Creche

Monday, April 29th, 2019 // BusyKids // Posted in News and Information

Sun Safety at Busy Kids Creche

We ask parent(s)/Guardians to leave a ‘sunny day bag’ with sun cream, sun hats, etc; in our creches with your child’s name on each item.

All children will be required to wear a hat when playing outside in the sun. We will encourage all children to wear these items that provide good sun protection. We will also encourage children to cover up where possible, such as their shoulders.

Staff will apply the sun-cream to children before they go outdoors, or if you have applied before you have come to creche please let the teacher know.

We will work with staff and parents to achieve sun safety Policy

Busy Kids will ensure that:

  • On very hot days children will have reduced exposure to the sun.
  • Where possible, children can seek shade when outside in the sun.
  • Ensure that children will wear a sunhat if provided by the parent.

We will work towards Sun safety through the following Education

  • Discussion with the older children about the sun and the need for protection.
  • Letter to be sent to parents and guardians with regard to sun cream and protection.
  • Time spent in discussion at staff meetings about sun safety in the garden.




  • Large sun canopies may be used for shade around the garden alongside our already shaded areas


  • Children will spend more time playing outside before 11 am and after 3pm, and less time over lunchtime.


  • We will actively encourage all children to wear a hat when playing outside – for any length of time.
  • A small supply of hats will be available for those children who have forgotten their own.


  • Parents should bring in sun cream in a named container and leave with their classroom teacher.


  • Water will be available at all times in the classroom.
  • Water will also be available in the garden while children are playing.