Our Values

Busy Kids – Vision

To be the provider of choice in early years Care and Education. To be a place to work where everyone can excel.

Busy Kids- Core Purpose

By working together, we provide the highest quality early years care and education where children are valued as active learners in all areas of holistic wellbeing.



We complement and collaborate so we can achieve more than we would as individuals. We create an atmosphere of trust by openly communicating and supporting one another.


We take time to understand our children so we can tailor our Care and Education programme to suit them and their families.


We are advocates for our children and colleagues, in all areas of holistic wellbeing, to other issues such as Children’s Rights and entitlements.


We create environments in which children feel valued, respected and cared for, with a sense of identity and belonging.


We believe in enabling children to feel valued as active learners, as unique individuals, to value equality and diversity and value children as citizens.


We encourage each other to look for new and exciting ways to meet children’s needs. We challenge ourselves to ask questions, seek solutions, and embrace new ideas.